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An Outstanding Partnership
An Outstanding Partnership

To ensure that our partnerships meet all expectations, Waterford thoroughly researches every aspect of each development opportunity for feasibility and profitability. Only after the project's potential success is established will Waterford move forward. It is this attention to detail, along with compatible corporate values, that has earned us our closest, most integral Alliance Partner, SNS Property Finance.

Part of SNS REAAL, a Dutch-based banking and insurance service provider, SNS Property Finance is an international customized property financing and participation company with core activity throughout Europe and North America.

Waterford and SNS Property Finance have formed a close business alliance over the last decade to finance and develop real estate projects exceeding one billion dollars. It is unique for a lending institution with resources as vast as SNS' to form an Alliance Partnership with a developer, but Waterford's influence and reputation as a Relationship Real Estate® developer have earned us that privilege. The resulting alliance has proved to be a financially and mutually advantageous relationship for both Waterford and SNS Property Finance.


Bouwfonds Cigar Box Agreement

Cigar Box Agreement
Waterford's original agreements were not drawn up as legal documents, but simply established on the back of a cigar box, on a napkin and with a handshake – a testament to the personal nature of our business relationships.

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