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Society requires housing, office space and retail establishments. Waterford Development was created to respond to these fundamental needs in extraordinary ways. Since its inception, Waterford has aspired to provide unique environments that surpass all expectations. Projects that are prudently planned, developed and constructed with an eye toward the future.

Founded in 1989 by Dutch-born Jan A. Zachariasse, and headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Waterford Development has successfully formed relationships with national and international organizations to complete numerous residential communities, as well as innovative office and retail spaces. Waterford's actions have always spoken louder than words, garnering many of the industry's highest awards and, more importantly, the respect of our partners and peers.


The tulip is synonymous with Holland. For centuries it has represented the Dutch tradition of hospitality and goodwill. Waterford has embraced this tradition by donating thousands of tulip bulbs to the municipalities in which we build.

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