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To date, Waterford Development has successfully delivered more than 2,000 homes to residents throughout the Washington metropolitan area. Giving back to the communities in which we build is an important aspect of Relationship Real Estate®. Ten thousand Dutch tulips are offered to every jurisdiction in which we complete a project. The tulips reflect Waterford’s Dutch heritage and symbolize the company’s commitment to building friendships in addition to structures. In addition to tulips, Waterford extends a hand in the community by sponsoring local charities, hosting cultural activities and offering parks and public green space as part of every project. We have been recognized over the years for our quality traditional neighborhoods and mixed-use developments, and have received numerous awards from national and regional building councils and associations.


The Windmills
With the windmill, the Dutch have harnessed nature to work as a natural source of power. However, the windmill does not always work on its own. Here, each windmill relies on the preceding windmill to feed it water in a harmonious chain of interdependence; much like the relationships Waterford creates with its Alliance Partners.

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